TFTHS Episode 188 Criminals Suck w/ Josh Gwin and Stephen Barton

A simulcast release for Gem City Podcast and Tales From The Hardside, I was joined by podcaster, musician, and rad dude Josh Gwin of Riffs and Rigs podcast and SELLOUT, as well as podcaster, musician, and bitchin’ dude Stephen Barton of Red Moth LLC, Close The Hatch, and so much more. We chat about podcasts and podcasting, theft in the Dayton area by douche bags, the Dayton Music Scene, Close The Hatch, and so much more. 


Josh Gwin


Stephen Barton


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I was a guest on Mind Movers Podcast Episode 28

Mind Movers Podcast

Podcast #28 Creating Culture with Izzy Rock

Released: Aug 31, 2014

Izzy drops some wisdom and knowledge that relates to psychedelics, raising a family, and to being a young adult. Izzy participates in many podcasts and even hosts his own, “Tales from the Hardside”. We dive deep into art and pop culture in this episode to try and tackle issues we face in our current lives today.  

Mind Movers Podcast with Brando and Steve Ep 28

Books mentioned: 

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
The Emperor Wears No Clothes